The Best Feature Of Android 12 Will Be in Samsung Phones

Samsung has shown the beta 2 of One UI 4 and in it we see the Material You design applied to its own themes.

The final release of the next iteration of the Google OS (Android 12) is a few days away. Google has made the Android 12 source code available to manufacturers in the AOSP repository but we still can’t install it on Pixel devices. Interesting, some developers are already releasing Android 12 custom ROMs even though the final release is still in a few days.

Manufacturers like OnePlus has shown what Oxygen OS 12, its interpretation of Android 12, will look like, and both OPPO and Realme have confirmed the release dates of their UI for Android 12.

Samsung is the latest member to display what it has prepared for it fans in the next Android OS update with it’s One UI skin. The latest One UI 4 shows the integration of what is arguably the most striking feature of Android 12.

One UI 4 Will Change Color According To The Chosen Background

We refer, obviously, to Monet, the Android 12 design engine that allows you to change the entire appearance of the system, its colors, depending on the wallpaper you have chosen.

This feature was initially going to be exclusive to the Pixel, but with what Samsung has displayed, the Monet design engine will most likely be reaching other manufacturers as well.

Sammobile recently shared some screenshot of the One UI 4.0 beta 2 running the Android 12 theme engine on the Samsung Galaxy S21 device and it looks great.


As we can see, the colors of the icons in the notifications area, or the gradient of the brightness control bar of the screen are adapted to the background, in this case green, that is set.

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In addition, we will not have to settle for a design as the system will give us a choice of five variations of colors, according to always the same wallpaper.

The new feature fails sometimes, but it is normal since it is a beta, not the final version of One UI.

We do not know when we will be able to use this new feature on our phones as there are still no official update dates from Samsung to Android 12.

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