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EaseMoni Loan App; Good Or Not? The Number 1 Loan App

EaseMoni Loan App Review; Borrow 30k In One Minute. Guaranteed Loan App. Get started a take up a good amount as loan in the first trial.

So I have heard a lot of complaints from people who say that loan Apps do not do what they promise and to top it all off, they get too physical in taking things to the next level when you happen to owe them.

Take for instance the young man his obituary was announced simply because he was owing a loan App in Nigeria and as such people are now running away from these loan Apps.

But what if we told you that there are good loan Apps in Nigeria that will not do these things you think all of the do?

Lets talk about the EaseMoni Loan App and all it has to offer.

Easemoni is an instant personal cash loan app in Nigeria with a microfinance banking license from the Central Bank of Nigeria. In the last 6 months, millions of customers keep lending money from us . Easy & quick approval no collateral borrow money online anytime and anywhere!

For example, 91-days loan payment terms have a interest fee of 5% monthly.

For the loan processed with principal amount of ₦3,000;the interest would be ₦273; the total amount due would be ₦3,273. Then first month repayment would be ₦1091, repayment of second month would be ₦1091, and in the third month repayment would also be ₦1091.

Why you should Use EaseMoni for accessing Loans in Nigeria

  • Up to NGN1,000,000. Disburse to your bank account.
  • Rate of minimum 5% to 10%, APR60%-120%, your credit rating could help you save a lot.
  • No need any deposits or guarantees.
  • All the steps can be done online. Paperless and digital process on your mobile.
  • Your data is totally safe with us. We own a Microfinance bank that is duly licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria.
  • As such, all your loans are insured with Insurance Corporation (NDIC).We do not share your data with any third parties without your consent.
  • Don't worry about forgetting repayment. We'll send messages to remind you.

Borrow money online with Easemoni app, downlaod Easemoni to get cash loan now!🎉

EaseMoni Contact Address

The EaseMoni contact Address is 60 Adeniyi Jones Ave, ikeja, lagos, Nigeria.

EaseMoni contact Phone Number

Customer Service Email: [email protected]
Customer Service Hotline: (+234)9087614150
Whatsapp customer number: (234)8073634739

EaseMoni Loan Products:

  • Loan Amount: from NGN 3,000 to NGN 1,000,000.
  • Tenure: We will require your repayment from 91 days to 365 days*.
  • Interest Rate: 5% to10% monthly , APR60%-120%,
  • We will give you a fair money amount due to your credit evaluation. No any other hidden fee in the whole process.

Our Verdict on EaseMoni Loan App

EaseMoni Loan App

We believe this loan App is one of the best out there if not the best out there as a lot of people have used them and dropped their positive reviews.

Still there is room for improvements according to many people which can be found in the review here.

Below are some of the reviews from real users of this Loan App

Andy Agugoesi
Thus far, so nice. This is the best loan app I love because it's not only for the simplicity but more so for living up to it's words on performance. No sooner than you repay your previous loan and a new upgraded one is waiting for you. Yet the service fee remains relatively low when compared with ot...\
Blue Ridge Microfinance Bank Limited
We appreciate your honest feedback & we are delighted to have you as one of our customers. Please do recommend Easemoni to your friends & Family. Thank you!
Abimbade Olawuyi

At first, I felt so bad because it took so long before the loan I applied for got to my account. But it eventually came after 2hrs. I was already giving up on you guys. I deleted the app and had to reinstall it when I got alert. The duration of the loan was so short. But anyway, I got the money to s...

WOW this app is the best when it has to do with low interest rate, there's much Transparency with her costumers, but what I don't understand is reason of giving same loan amount even after making payment before due date, Honestly I was discouraged to reapply, am just hoping after the second payment ...
Blue Ridge Microfinance Bank Limited
Dear customer, I'm sorry to hear about your unpleasant experience on our platform. Kindly contact us via 09087614150, WhatsApp +2349134016733, or send a email to [email protected] to enable us assist you better. Thank you for choosing Easemoni.
omonV4 life
The app is good, but there's no security measures put in place. Any body who have access to your phone can also have access to your account easily. I just added a new payment account and there was nothing like verifying the new account if it really mine, which means if my phone should enter the wron...
Blue Ridge Microfinance Bank Limited
We apologize for your unpleasant experience on our platform. Kindly note that your satisfaction is our top priority and we would not relent in improving our services to ensure your experience gets better. Please contact us via 09087614150 and we will be happy to help you further.

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