Apple Watch pulled off a $500,000 heist

There are plenty of stories online about the Apple Watch saving people’s lives. But Apple could hardly have anticipated that its smart watch would become a tool in the hands of criminals. In the US, for example, a group of criminals used the Apple Watch to steal half a million dollars.

Apple Watch pulled off a $500,000 heist

The New York Post reports, citing federal prosecutors, that in January this year, a group of seven men in upstate New York committed a robbery using an Apple Watch. The 30-year-old gang leader reportedly bought the watch and then connected it to his account to track the location of the gadget via GPS. The accessory was hidden under the bumper of a car belonging to a local drug dealer.

Apple Watch pulled off a $500,000 heist

The gang knew the victim would be carrying a large sum of money, so they used the GPS signal from the Apple Watch to track the drug dealer to a hotel in Hartford, Connecticut. The bandits first searched the car by smashing its window but found nothing. The next day, they waited for the victim and took away all personal belongings, including the room key, where the cherished bag of money was found. The criminals even decided to capture the “catch” on their smartphones.

In July, law enforcement authorities did manage to arrest the entire gang, charging them for robberies committed between 2019 and 2020. As it became known, no one was injured during that very robbery. Interestingly, many photos were found on the criminals’ smartphones, confirming their involvement in the crimes.

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